C’est Chic!

The Ultimate guide on great alternative designers and stores

Please welcome to one of the greatest idea on the planet for all the vintage’s victims:

Market Publique is a market, is a great and young team, is a Blog, but mainly, is the perfect  place to buy products of the greatest vintage stores in NYC.Take a look, this is awsome!

Check out their suede italian 70s clutch featured in this brilliant collage perfectly named Autunno a Parigiautunno a parigi


Imagine this Tom Binns Tough Chic accessories line on you and fall in love with it!


Tom Binns: the must-haves accessories collection that drives women crazy…



In Greenpoint there is a cute little shop called Brooklynski.Is managed by a young girl and everything is handmade, but moreover unique.

Their Colored Tees with the Store Logo may become a Billy’s new fashion.

Created by Basia Grocholski and Douglas Friedmutter, and open since February 2007, Brooklynski offers mulicultural, well designed products at affordable prices.

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